Smoking marijuana for the first time: Some practical tips

One of the basic mistakes is lack of food. Before you smoke, get some chocolate as sugar levels drop after consuming marijuana and you may feel some discomfort. Another issue is gastrophase, during which you can forget about the feeling of fullness. You will eat everything you can find at hand, and the taste and smell of the food will be unique

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Before you smoke, do whatever you had to do

If you are going to smoke marijuana for the first time, it is better to have a clear mind for this activity so that you do not worry about the things you have had to do. After a few clouds of a cigarette or a joint, you will most likely not want to do your chores, but you will laugh at strange things while eating sweets, lying on the couch and watching comedies. Be prepared to take a nap as well, as indica strains are known to cause drowsiness.

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Don't smoke with people you don't trust

This principle applies not only to smoking, but to general interpersonal contacts. If you are smoking for the first time, you should do so with friends you trust. The pranksters you don't know can get you into strange things, making you feel paranoid and the "phase" itself won't be pleasant. Better to do it later, but in a trusted group.

How Much Cannabis For The First Time?

If you are wondering how many puffs you should take for the first time, the answer is simple. Start with one puff and see how you feel. If you feel mild effects, you can take another puff after several minutes. It's important not to overdo it, because you can easily overdo it when you smoke marijuana for the first time. If you eat a cannabis cookie the first time, you can expect the results in at least an hour. However, cookies are not recommended for the first time, because their effect is much stronger and lasts longer. It is much easier to control the dose by smoking from a cigarette, joint or vaporizer.