How do you get to know an agency that will perform positioning well?

An SEO agency worth cooperating with will make the website search engine friendly. Optimize the smallest things (like a page title description) for a whole bunch of more complex ones.
Everything strives to make the website useful and user-friendly. It doesn't matter if you enter it from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Google has published a video on the web about how to hire a good SEO agency. It also suggests how to avoid cooperation with one that not only does not achieve satisfactory results, but can also seriously harm your website (and bring a filter to it).
There are of course a lot of similar videos and articles on the web. Why should you turn your attention to this one? The answer is very simple - it's official Google material, and nobody knows as much about positioning as he does.

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Positioning continues

It usually takes at least 4 months to improve a page's position in organic search results. Often much more.
There are no magic tricks that can speed up this process. If you want to position your website, you need to be patient.
"I want quick positioning effects." - unfortunately they do not exist. Entrepreneurs know that running a business is a process for which fruit must be earned and wait. It is similar with Google search engine. The joy of getting high positions will be great. As long as we wait for her.


The other side of the coin - the sins of commissioning companies

Look not only at the hands of the selected SEO agency, but also to yourself. It turns out that it is the lack of cooperation on the part of clients that is one of the most common causes of failures in optimization processes.
So before you sign the contract, think about whether you can spend some time for the benefit of the whole process. The agency may ask you for additional information, access, graphics and many other things. You need to reserve a moment, especially at the beginning of the activity. You can not do it? In that case, this is not a good time for positioning.

So what does the internet giant say?

"Let's start with what SEO actually does:
Effective SEO activities bring out the potential of your website. They are also designed to improve user experience through the entire path of contact with your site. "

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