Bloxburg - building

Do you like playing bloxburg on roblox and would you like to build epic houses, hotels or restaurants? This article is for you! You will learn in it, among others what to avoid and what is advisable! Tips that here will be useful for both beginners and more advanced players. I hope this article will prove helpful and interesting, and now I invite you!

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Bloxburg - what is that?

Bloxburg is a roblox game. Our avatar has its needs, which we must supplement to make him feel good. The huge amount of activities that we can do in this game means that you can play it for hours and still have a lot to do! Many different careers in which we control our character, many attractions in a small town and multiplayer and the ability to play with others are great and give a lot of scope.

Building - what and how?

One of the most interesting things is also building on which to focus today! For starters, I'll give you some basic tips on building mode itself. First of all - to move the camera just use WSAD to move forward, back and sides, and Q and E to turn right and left. If you are coloring, for example, walls, it is worth knowing that when you hold CTRL and click on the second wall, it will be colored the same color as the previous one!


- When decorating and furnishing, remember to fill every free space so as to leave enough space for movement.
- Use paintings, shelves and lights to fill the walls. BONUS: nice wall texture can fill it well.
- Barrier walls only on bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries and garages - the combined kitchen, living room and dining room will give the effect of a large, spacious interior.
BONUS: To fill the empty space you can use decorative columns, fireplaces, plants and other decorations available in bloxburg (and there are really a lot of them!).
BONUS2: Pay attention to the price! Sometimes a very similar bed or chair can have a big difference in price, so it is worth using the cheaper ones so that we have more money to enlarge the house, add details or decorations.

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- Add white columns on the corners of the walls - they look very aesthetically pleasing and finish the house beautifully. BONUS: if you don't have the ADVANCED PLACEMENT gamepass, put the columns first, then the walls!
- Finish your home with well-chosen colors. Avoid the neon lights and use more subdued colors, they just look much better and aesthetically. BONUS: 'Linen' or light gray is a much better light color than white!