How to reduce your appetite? Diet rules, helpful habits, supplements

Excessive appetite is one of the factors that causes excess weight and makes it difficult to lose weight. To reduce it, first of all, you need to change your eating habits. Dietary supplements can help in the first stage. You should also take care of your mental well-being.
Appetite is a state of mind - its presence, absence or excess is not related to the physiological needs of the body, but to the emotions that accompany eating. Therefore, the success of slimming diets does not depend only on a properly composed menu combined with physical activity. In order to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, you should also reduce your appetite - excessive appetite can easily destroy any effort put in the fight against excess weight.

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Excessive appetite and hunger

How to suppress the appetite, the excess of which makes it difficult to lose weight? First of all, it must be distinguished from hunger. The latter is a physiological state - a signal from the brain that the body is lacking essential nutrients provided by food. The demand for them starts to increase after about 3 hours from the last consumption (or after intense exercise) and can be satisfied with a properly composed, wholesome meal.
Appetite occurs regardless of physiological needs. It is a psychologically conditioned urge to eat that can have various causes. Their common denominator, however, is the pleasure with which a given product is associated. The appetite comes suddenly. It can be caused by the tempting appearance or smell of the dish, as well as the fact that eating it relieves stress or allows you to keep your hands up during a social event. Following the appetite while eating, the body is provided with unnecessary calories, which - because they are not expended - are stored, among others. in the form of adipose tissue.

How to reduce your appetite with proper habits?

Appetite can be reduced by changing eating habits. One of them is choosing the right snacks. Avoid eating between meals, but when you feel like eating them, instead of unhealthy, high-calorie sweets, you should have nuts, fruit or a pair of dark chocolate cubes on hand. You can also cheat your appetite by drinking a glass of water or herbal tea. Another good practice is to eat your meals slowly in small plates. Extending the time of a meal by chewing it thoroughly not only makes digestion easier, but also - like the sight of a full plate - leaves the impression that you have eaten more than you actually have eaten.
In order not to fall into the trap of appetite, you should avoid shopping with an empty stomach (then you buy more). It is also good not to combine meals with activities such as watching TV - then they will always be accompanied by a desire to eat. Since the appetite often appears out of boredom or anxiety, it is worth finding another activity that will drown out unwanted emotions and distract from the delicacies, e.g. interesting reading or talking to a friend. Since stress is often "eaten", in such a tendency it is extremely important to relieve tension constructively (eg through physical activity), use the support of relatives or - if necessary - psychotherapists.

Appetite Suppressant Tablets

Excessive craving for food can be reduced by supplementing the diet with appetite suppressant supplements. Usually, these preparations are not indifferent to health and may cause undesirable symptoms. In the long run, they do not solve the problem of inadequate diet and bad eating habits. However, it is worth supporting them in the first period of fighting with unnecessary kilograms.
Appetite reduction tablets may have a positive effect on metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism. These types of supplements are usually available over the counter and contain substances such as fiber, chitosan, chromium, caffeine, L-carnitine, chlorogenic acid, plant extracts (e.g. acai berry, chili pepper, peppermint, nettle, green tea). Another group of appetite suppressant tablets are preparations that increase the concentration of serotonin - a neurotransmitter responsible for well-being. Such drugs are only available on prescription.