How to choose the right air conditioning for the office?
It turns out that office air conditioning has many advantages and benefits. First of all, it provides employees with comfortable working conditions. In addition, air conditioners are equipped with filters that remove dust, allergens and pathogenic microorganisms from the air, which translates into better well-being. Thanks to the appropriate air conditioner, you can also effectively reduce the level of air humidity, creating a comfortable and friendly working environment.

Modern air conditioners are easy to use devices that can be successfully managed by the employees themselves. Air conditioning is also a good solution for customers and business partners visiting a given office. To choose the air conditioning that suits your needs, it is worth relying on our professionals who will advise you on the most convenient solution for you.

Types of office air conditioners
Various types of air conditioners are used in offices. These are, for example, split air conditioners - cassette, duct, wall or floor-ceiling. These devices are popular due to their quiet operation and visually attractive appearance. Split air conditioners consist of an outdoor and indoor unit, and are installed in different places, depending on individual needs. The classic 5kW unit effectively cools a room of up to 45 square meters with 6 employees. In order to air-condition several rooms, it is worth choosing a duct model, which is discreet and efficient. Wall-mounted air conditioners, which are small and easy to use, are also very popular.

The second popular type of air conditioners are multisplit air conditioners, used to cool several rooms at the same time. They consist of an outdoor unit and several indoor units. They are used when it is impossible to afford to install more outdoor units. These devices are easy to use - each of the units can be controlled separately.

What to consider when choosing air conditioning for the office?
Of course, the efficiency of the air conditioner in kilowatts is of great importance. The higher it is, the greater the capabilities of the device. It is worth betting on quiet models. According to European standards, an indoor air conditioner with a capacity of up to 6kW should not be louder than 60 dB. In the case of models with a capacity of up to 12kW, the noise is 65 dB. In addition, it is worth checking the energy class of the device and power consumption. The lower it is, the lower the operating costs of air conditioning. It is worth paying attention to devices with a timer and remotely controlled ones.

When choosing air conditioning for the office, great attention should be paid to the number of rooms, their shape and size. The place of installation, the degree of sunlight, the surface of the windows and the very location of the office are also important. You should also take into account the number of people working in a given place.

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