Temperature of vaporization of dried CBD

The temperature of vaporization is an important factor and affects the intensity of the sensations and the active substances released. Low-temperature vaporization of CBD dried at 160 ℃ (from this value the cannabinoid CBD and THC begins to evaporate) provides a delicate, relaxing effect, improves concentration, increases motivation and has anti-inflammatory properties, as a result of the release of compounds such as pinene, caryophylene and THC. By increasing the vaporization temperature to 180 ℃, you will get a stronger vapor and a stronger effect of cannabinoids and turpentine, improve your mood, while maintaining full concentration, productivity and control over the activities performed. If you want a sedative effect, help you fall asleep and deeply relax, use a temperature above 185 ℃. High temperature will release turpentine such as linalool (has a calming effect) and cannabinoids such as THC and THCV. However, remember not to heat the CBD herbs more than 230 ℃, after exceeding the combustion temperature, cannabinoids are released. The above vaporization temperatures may slightly differ depending on the type of herb.

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Stationary vaporizers and portable vaporizers

You can inhale with stationary and portable vaporizers. Each type has its own advantages. Stationary vaporizers are usually equipped with a convection heating system, thanks to which the CBD is heated with hot air, which results in a higher bioavailability of CBD and a rich vapor flavor. Stationary models of vaporizers are usually large and require a permanent power supply, but are therefore very powerful and provide remarkable performance. Mainly intended for home use. Vaporization of herbs and dried CBD is done through a hose, a special balloon or directly from the vaporizer. In portable vaporizers, conduction heating is usually used, and the herbs are heated by the walls of the chamber. Portable vaporizers are equipped with a small drying chamber and a mouthpiece. It is an excellent proposition for people who value mobility and discretion, who want to inhale at any place and time without attracting attention.

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Advantages of vaporizing dried CBD

A beneficial change for your health and well-being
The process of heating the cartridge, the product of which is steam, will also have a positive effect on your well-being. Vaporization is not only less harmful compounds, but also reducing other effects of smoking. This is confirmed by subsequent studies that have proven that vaporization does not adversely affect the condition of the lungs of the bronchi and larynx of smokers. The respiratory system is no longer irritated by smoke. Puffs of soft steam introduced into the lungs do not change their structure. No more choking cough, hoarseness and dry throat. Modern vaporizers, e.g. PAX 3, are designed so that the inhalation process is natural. During vaporization, there is no need to draw air into the lungs, you only need to inhale the natural length and intensity to provide yourself with a satisfactory amount of vapor.

Another positive effect of vaporization is a significant change in the mood of the smoker. The breathing normalizes, the feeling of pressure on the lungs is relieved and the form is much better. The benefits of reducing the unpleasant effects of smoking are felt very quickly, and our mood definitely improves. After a month of inhalation with a vaporizer, you will notice a significant and, above all, good change.

No more odor problems

What else will change when you start vaporizing? The toxic smoke from smoking does not just enter the lungs. All harmful substances soak up hair, clothes and objects in the apartment. If you thought that it was enough to wash your hands and teeth for the smell and its toxic effects to disappear, you are wrong. Unfortunately, the clothes and skin of the smoker are also saturated with poisons. It is different with steam - we have already established that it is free of toxins, so our environment remains clean.
The smoke has a very unpleasant smell and is suffocating, people in the company of a smoker smoke passively, which is as dangerous as active smoking. During vaporization, the smell is also released, but it is not as intense, it will certainly not disturb people around you as much as the smell of a smoked cigarette or dried plants.
Smoking also has a very bad effect on the condition of the skin, teeth and fresh breath. The vaporizer doesn't cause such havoc in the mouth. Carbon dioxide contained in smoke hinders the oxygenation of cells in the entire body, including the skin. When we add a whole range of toxins to it, it is not difficult to predict what consequences it will have on the skin. If you want your skin to be smooth and supple for longer, you definitely need to replace smoking with a vaporizer that's right for you.