What you need to know about water ionizers

How often do you hear that you need to drink a minimum of 2.5 liters of fluid a day? Probably very often, especially when summer is approaching - a time of hot weather and significant exposure to the sun. They say it's best to drink water, but why is it the healthiest? The quality of the water that goes into our glasses and cups every day is much less discussed.

What is the pH of the water? Is high pH water healthier? How is ionized alkaline water produced? For several years, water ionizers have been breaking popularity records. Producers and distributors compete in describing the health properties of alkaline water. It is worth noting that the devices for the production of the so-called living water is not cheap. Although we will not find clinical trials confirming its health properties, supporters of alkaline water claim that it stimulates and detoxifies the body, provides better hydration, eliminates headache, improves skin condition and even prevents the development of cancer.

Before you buy a water ionizer, check the PH and ORP of the water in your tap and consult a nutritionist who, from a scientific and medical point of view, will assess your health and recommend an appropriate diet and hydration method.
What is the importance of water for our body?

Water has many important functions in our body. Its main task is to maintain a constant body temperature, dissolve and transport nutrients to every cell of our body, as well as remove toxins and other harmful substances from the body.

Plain water has a neutral pH of 7. Bottled water most often has a deliberately raised pH to 8-10. So they become alkaline or alkaline. Artesian wells naturally supply alkaline water due to the minerals dissolved in them, otherwise an ionizer is required to obtain an alkaline reaction.

More and more often we hear recommendations from people who decided to buy a water ionizer and see the advantages of this decision, including health.

Which ionizer will be the best for you?
If you want to regularly irrigate your body with water with the best properties, there are several options, and one of them is alkaline water from a water ionizer, buy a water ionizer.

The water ionizer is a simple device that - according to the manufacturers' claims - increases the pH of the drinking water, using electrolysis to separate alkaline and acidic compounds from the water stream. Proponents of water ionizers argue that drinking alkaline (alkaline) water has many health benefits, as does one of the practices of alternative medicine, the so-called alkaline diet.

Water ionizers gained popularity in Japan and other Far East countries before they hit the US and European markets.
Water ionization - how does an ionizer work?

Wondering how a water ionizer works? The simplest devices consist mainly of a water tank and two electrodes - negative cathode and positive anode. During the electrolysis process, positive alkali metal and hydroxide ions accumulate around the cathode, while the anode accumulates negative chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus ions.
In the process of electrolysis, the ionizer produces alkaline water and acid water - called dead water, anolyte, oxidation water. Ionized alkaline (alkaline) water has an increased pH and a negative ORP index, down to minus 900, which proves the presence of active hydrogen.
In practice, water ionization allows to obtain clean drinking water with a perfect structure, free of harmful compounds. If you are wondering if ionized water can be boiled, the answer is yes. However, you have to take into account that this treatment will weaken its antioxidant properties and deprive it of minerals. So it's better to drink alkaline water raw.

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