How to prepare for a long flight by plane?

For many of us, long, intercontinental journeys are a dream come true and a source of great satisfaction. However, before we find ourselves a few or several thousand kilometers from home, we have to get there somehow. Most often it means a long flight by plane - its specter keeps people awake at night. However, it is enough to be well prepared to minimize the hardships of the journey and to spend a pleasant time on the plane. What to pack and how to prepare for a long flight? We advise.

How to fall asleep on the plane?
One of the best strategies to survive a long flight is to ... sleep through most of it. However, it often turns out that it is quite a trick to fall asleep in a sitting position, surrounded by several hundred people and with the constant accompaniment of airplane machinery. Therefore, when completing hand luggage, it is worth remembering about:

• a suitably profiled travel pillow - thanks to it, the cervical vertebrae will be much less loaded and it will be easier to "lie down" in a comfortable position;
• blindfolds - many airlines provide blindfolds to their passengers over long distances, but just in case you should have your own;
• earplugs or noise-canceling headphones - help protect against the noise of an airplane engine and mute other on-board sounds, such as a crying baby. We should also remember to dress appropriately - so that we are neither too warm nor too hot. An outfit for the onion will be the perfect solution.

Ways to get bored on the plane
Sometimes it happens, however, that despite taking all possible measures to make it easier to fall asleep, sleep on the plane does not come. So let's be prepared for such an eventuality. In flight, boredom is always your worst enemy. When we have nothing to do, it seems to go on forever. Some long-haul airlines offer their customers an in-flight entertainment system - this means access to multiple movies, music or podcasts on individual screens at each seat. However, it may happen that the content does not meet our expectations. So let's take a (fully charged) laptop or tablet with you, where you can watch movies or read books while offline. If our "electronic entertainment center" is a smartphone, be sure to charge it and pack a powerbank.

Food and drinks on board Not everyone is aware of it, bu
t sky travel makes us dehydrate faster. So let's drink a lot of water throughout the flight - thanks to this, we will feel less tired. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which not only contribute to dehydration, but can also cause irritation and irritate the stomach. When preparing for your trip, you should also pack light snacks. The best ones are those with a high protein content - such as almonds, protein bars or ordinary cheese sandwiches - which will keep you full for a long time. Above all, let's not get upset. Every minute of flight brings us closer to the desired goal.

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