What to reckon with if you expect a free start-up bonus

If you have found an online casino welcome offer that interests you, be prepared for the fact that it will be very difficult to defeat the casino with this one. Your chances of getting a lot of money from such a promotion are rather slim. The free welcome bonus will certainly have very strict terms and conditions. Casinos are not charities and therefore you have to take into account that the free bonus is of an entertainment nature. Which, of course, doesn't mean it's not worth being interested in. Every free casino bonus is a chance to win. After all, one lucky spin on the slot machine is enough to get a huge jackpot.

Terms and conditions for using casino bonuses
Each casino bonus has its own terms and conditions. In it you will find the terms and conditions under which you can get and use the casino bonus. Each bonus at each casino will have different rules, but there are a few common features that you will find in each casino's terms and conditions. All casinos follow these rules, so please read them carefully to know what to expect when playing at the casino.

The welcome bonus is only available to new users who do not yet have a casino account. Do not try to create a second account to claim your second welcome bonus. Each casino will sooner or later discover your other account and then they will block you, cancel the bonus and all winnings. If you are a table games lover, when claiming your welcome bonus also make sure that the casino allows you to play at the live casino. Often times, once your bonus funds have been redeemed, playing in the live casino is prohibited.

Each cash bonus, not only the welcome bonus, has a minimum and maximum value. This means that you need to deposit the minimum amount specified in the terms and conditions to receive the minimum bonus and there is a maximum amount you can get as a bonus, which means that even if you deposit more, you will only get the maximum bonus as stated in the terms and conditions.

In addition to the minimum and maximum value, you also need to be careful about the stakes of your bets when you claim the bonus. Many online casinos introduce a maximum bet in their regulations when playing with bonus funds.

Bonus wagering requirement
Each bonus has a required wager. What does it mean? To withdraw the bonus you receive, you have to turn it over the number of times specified in the regulations. Spin, and therefore place bets for a certain amount. The required turnover may vary. As for the deposit bonus, the market standard is the requirement of 30-40x turnover. Please note that you cannot withdraw money until you wager the bonus.

Many online casinos also limit the games you can wager on. In the vast majority of casinos, these will only be slots. Bets placed on other games, such as Roulette or Blackjack, will not be considered by the casino at all when wagering. Not only that, in some casinos we can find a record that the required turnover only includes playing on selected slots.

The free spins rules are very similar to the rules of the welcome bonus or any other deposit bonus. In addition, online casinos limit the maximum amount you can win during free spins in the case of free spins.

Do all these rules make the casino bonus less favorable? Absolutely not. Remember that winning at a casino is a matter of luck. One player can spend several hours a day in the casino, every day, for a whole month, and he won't win anything. Another player can enter the online casino for the first time and hit a huge jackpot after one hour of play. There is no rule, because luck rules the game in the casino. A bonus is an additional chance of winning, so it is always worth claiming a bonus if we have such an opportunity. You just need to know what the bonus is and follow the rules.

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