How can you tell if your wife is cheating on you?

Betrayal by a wife is much more difficult to recognize than similar behavior in a husband. Why? All psychological research emphasizes that women are more detailed and careful. They leave no traces, and the relationship with a third person does not directly affect their relationship. So the wife can hide very well, which makes initial recognition difficult.

Moreover, women are deeply involved in emotional betrayal. They do not change (like men) their behavior and habits. Rather, they try to gain from a lover both a physical partner and a friend who accepts them as they are. Often wives confide in their family problems in love affairs.

Although the symptoms of betrayal in women are less visible, they are recognizable. The betrayal of the wife usually makes her indifferent to the man's behavior. What disturbed her before will no longer exist for her. She will also not want to go shopping or to the cinema with her husband. The woman will also look for excuses to go out, and also begin to protect her phone or computer from her husband's eyes.

As we emphasized at the beginning, female betrayal usually lasts longer and is emotional in nature. If a friend has appeared in her life (whom her husband may know or meet) and this person spends a lot of time with her, then the situation should be monitored more closely.

Why do women cheat?
The answer to this question is quite complicated. One of the main reasons is relationship problems - when a man works a lot, he becomes disinterested in the affairs of his significant other or doesn't want to spend time with her. Quarrels and misunderstandings cause partners to distance themselves from each other, which results in the loss of erotic life and coldness.

In addition, there are also jealousy, arguments about the unwashed mug, the issue of taking the dog for a walk or picking up the children from school ... In addition, if a woman leads an active professional and social life, the risk of not being faithful to her partner increases - numerous trips, delegations or trainings are an opportunity to establish new ones contacts (and not necessarily purely business). Women who are in unhappy relationships are much more likely to jump to the side.

If they don't feel satisfied, lack affection, or don't receive enough affection, they seek comfort from other men. A husband or partner who is unable to show it to them is replaced by someone else - more attractive, better earning, more interesting.

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